Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer Reading....

This is my last year on the National Council for Social Studies Notable Trade Book group - my last summer of getting 100 books for kids to read and then my last trip to NYC to review and write about them.  Oh, and keep all the books. Sigh.  Aside from all those books, I am re-reading two of my favorites, highlighting and taking notes on another re-read and reading a new one to me in attempts to breathe life into my literacy instruction.

Two years ago I read the Book Whisperer, had grand ambitions and like always when school started I got overwhelmed and forgot most of it. Re-read number 1 and 2nd attempt at making it work.

Re-read number two is the Daily 5.  This one was read about 5 years ago, attempted for half a year with minimal success and I plan on revisiting it aga
in this year in the form of the Daily 3. I have read some great blogs about it and am excited to give it a try.
Last re-read my Teach Like a Pirate book by Dave Burgess. What a blessing this book is - chock full of great great great stuff! I plan on using his back to school ideas to build community! 

In terms of new reading, I am reading the Cafe book that accompanies the Daily Five again in hopes to be inspired to be super on top of things this year!
What are YOU reading this summer and what if anything are you going to try that is new this year - hard to believe it is coming up so soon! Enjoy every minute.....

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  1. I've just started reading Teach Like A Pirate and also reading Math Exchanges. The Book Whisperer has been on my list of next reads, so I was glad to see that you think it's worthy of a second read!