Sunday, January 13, 2013

Story Writing Website!

I love using story writing sites with my students to keep them motivated and engaged with writing.  I was super excited to stumble across a new one that has my fifth graders hooked. We have also used it to write collaborative stories with our 1st grade buddies - it is easy, FREE and awesome!


Sign up for a free account and let them know you are a teacher. You can then enter your students' names so they can log in as themselves at home or in school.

I use the planning sheet with my students to get them thinking about their story before they jump right in.  On the home page, go down to the bottom and click on "classroom quick guide."  On that page, you will find planning tools for the classroom as well as the story planning sheet.

Once students have planned their writing, it's time to explore! I have them create a story from scratch. There are hundreds of character choices, props, set backgrounds and enter text - all in ways that they choose! 

Students have the ability to make a book up to 16 pages long - all for free and all their choice! 
It's been awhile since I've seen my students this engaged with writing and their work is so creative. There is an option to buy their books in bulk at a discounted rate - this could be a good fundraiser opportunity too. 

A great website for upper elementary to hone their writing skills - a super website for primary students to practice sentences, paragraphs and matching pictures to text!

Enjoy and happy story writing!


  1. Is there any other way to get their story than to buy in bulk?

  2. If you have access to iPads, Toontastic works really well too, and you can e-mail the final product. Caitlin (